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Finding Out Who Owns Your Apartment

Disclaimer: The contents of this article were adapted from material created by the Austin Tenants' Council. The Austin Tenants' Council serves the Austin, Texas, area, but its web site has useful information for all Texas residents.

Who is the owner?

A landlord must provide a tenant with the name and address of the owner, plus the name and address of the management company if it is off-site. Subchapter E of Chapter 92 of the Texas Property Code guarantees tenants' rights to receive this information and explains how to request it. You can also find the owner’s name and address by contacting the tax appraisal office in the county where the property is located. If the landlord does not comply with your request for this information, see Texas Property Code section 92.205 to learn what you can do.

For more detail, see the  fact sheet by the Austin Tenants' Council.


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