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Veterans and Psychiatric Advance Directives

This page was created by Texas Legal Services Center and provides additional information and resources on the issues discussed in the Veterans & Psychiatric Advance Directives video produced by Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid.

Where can I learn about how psychiatric advance directives can help veterans?




What is a Psychiatric Advance Directive?

A psychiatric advance directive (PAD) is a legal document that documents a person’s preferences for future mental health treatment, and allows appointment of a health proxy to interpret those preferences during a crisis. PADs may be drafted when a person is well enough to consider preferences for future mental health treatment and can be used when a person becomes unable to make decisions during a mental health crisis.


Where can I get legal help to get a PAD?

Texas RioGrande Legal Aid may be able to help you draft a PAD if you live in their service area. The Texas Veterans Legal Aid Coalition is comprised of thirteen legal aid organizations who provide a variety of legal services to veterans in Texas. For help, contact the organizations who serve your county. Click here for a complete list of the organizations and the counties they serve.


Where can veterans find more videos that discuss legal issues?

Please visit the Texas Veterans Videos page. Click here.


Where can I review the statute or find a copy of the PAD template?

The statute can be found here and the copy of a PAD template can be found here.