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Brief Services

I want help with my paperwork.

Brief Services occurs when a lawyer not only gives you legal advice but also helps you put together your paperwork to take action in the legal system. Filling out paperwork can include filling out forms, writing new pleadings, writing letters, and more. 

There are various legal assistance programs that may be able to provide brief services to help you. 



 General Information About Brief Services

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    What should I send to the lawyer or bring with me so she can provide brief services?

    You should make sure to bring or send:

    • Any paperwork you have already been given, which can include court filings you were served with and/or any notices from a government agency or business. 
    • Any letters concerning your case and anything you have already filed or were considering filing.
    • Any pictures or references to other proof to prove what you say happened.
    • Any other item you think may be important to your case.
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    What are some examples of the help I can get with brief services?

    Note: The types of brief services you get, depends on the program you contact and their eligibility and assistance guidelines. 

    Examples of Brief Services, which may be provided, include:

    • Help filling out do-it-yourself legal forms
    • Help writing new paperwork for filing or responding to a lawsuit
    • Help writing a letter to the other side and/or agency

    As part of providing brief services, the organization will likely also provide legal advice on:

    • How what has already happened affects your current and future rights.
    • What steps to avoid.
    • What steps to take next.
    • Other issues you should be aware of.
    • And more.

 FREE or Low-Cost Brief Services -Your Options


Self-Help Centers

In certain counties courts, bar associations, and/or legal aid organizations provide self-help centers where you can get in-person legal help on your issues. The help provided can range from help with your paperwork, to advice, and more. 

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Legal Clinics

Various bar associations and legal aid organizations offer legal clinics as a way to provide free legal advice and brief services.

Not all legal clinics provide brief services.

If you qualify, you can talk with a lawyer at a legal clinic for free. Some legal clinics are available regardless of your income level.

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Clasped Hands

Special Programs

If you are over 60, a Veteran, a victim or survivor of domestic violence or sexual assault, or a parent having trouble with visitation or CPS there are programs that might be able to provide free legal assistance regardless of your income level.  Not all special programs provide brief services.   

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Legal Help Finder

TexasLawHelp staff has put together a comprehensive directory of legal assistance programs in Texas. Various programs in the directory may be able to provide free or low-cost brief services. Please click the link below learn more about programs that may be able to provide brief services. 

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