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Finding Legal Help: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

I want to know answers to frequently asked questions about finding legal help in Texas.

This page has answers to questions people commonly have when trying to find legal help.

  Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Where can I find legal aid organizations able to help me?

    A: You can search through our Legal Help Finder to find legal aid organizations that may be able to help you. 

    Legal Help Finder


  • Q: Are there other organizations that can help me?

    A: In addition to legal aid, there may be several other organizations, such as federal agencies, bar associations, dispute resolution centers, and more able to assist you.

    More Help


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    Q: What types of legal help does legal aid provide?

    A: Legal help, exists along a spectrum, starting from providing self-help information, all the way to bringing a case to change the law itself, which is known as impact litigation. Click the link below for information on the types of help available to you.



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    Q: Are there any other special programs available to help me?

    A: If you are over 60, a Veteran, a victim or survivor of domestic violence or sexual assault, or a parent having trouble with visitation or Child Protective Services there are special programs that might be able to provide free legal assistance. Click the link below for more information on these programs.



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