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Full Representation 

I want a lawyer to handle my case for me.

Full Representation is when a lawyer handles your entire case for you. The lawyer is responsible for figuring out how to handle your issue and getting it through the legal system. 

Please note, that due to limited funding most legal aid organizations are only able to provide full representation to 10% of the cases that apply for free or low-cost legal assistance



 General Information about Full Representation

  • How do legal aid organizations accept new cases?

    Most legal aid organizations handle applications over the phone. Some organizations have an online intake application you can fill out. If you fill out an online intake application, a staff member will most likely call you back in a few days to a week.

    If your case is an emergency and/or involves deadlines within the week or two weeks make sure to let the intake person know over the phone or list it in the online intake application so the organization can get back to you in time. 

  • What types of cases do most legal aid organizations accept and not accept? 

    Legal Aid organizations primarily provide services on civil matters such as divorce, child support, eviction, foreclosure, debt collection, expunctions and more. 

    These types of organizations ordinarily do not handle criminal law issues, or issues involving a personal injury lawsuit. Examples of personal injury lawsuits are lawsuits involving a car accident or a "slip and fall" at a business. If you require help on these types of cases, please click the links below for more information.



  • Where can I find free or low-cost legal representation?

    There are a variety of legal aid organizations , in Texas, that may be able to take your case and provide you with full representation. In order to make this search a bit easier, we have put together a directory of legal aid in Texas, our Legal Help Finder. Please click the link below to go to the Legal Help Finder and find a listing of organizations in your county that may be able to help you. 


    You also might be able to get a pro bono lawyer to help you. It is not easy to get a Pro Bono Lawyer but it is a possibility.  

    Pro Bono Lawyers


Full Representation - More Useful Tips


Applying for Help - Steps to Follow

Please click the link below to learn more about good steps to follow when applying for help.

Learn More



Working with a Lawyer

If legal aid has provided you with a lawyer to handle your case you will want to work with your lawyer to resolve your issue.

You should:

  • Follow the instructions the lawyer gives you.
  • Reply promptly to any requests for information from the lawyer.
  • Tell the lawyer the complete truth. Remember, a lawyer is only able to help if they know all the facts. This is especially true for those facts that might hurt your case. 
  • Set a time each week to get a quick (5 minute) case update with the lawyer. 
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What if legal aid is not able to take my case?

If legal aid was not able to take your case, please go back to our Types of Help page to search other options you may have. Pay particular attention to the sections on limited scope representationlegal advice, and full representation from a private lawyer.  There may also be other special programs available to assist you. 

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