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Impact Litigation

Solve Your Problem. Make Positive Change.

This type of help is for those rare cases and causes, which if won can make positive change for other Texans and even the rest of the United States. 

This is not a common type of help provided by legal aid and other organizations.The vast majority of cases legal aid accepts are not impact litigation, but read below if you think your case might qualify.



What is Impact Litigation and why is it important?

Impact litigation, also known as strategic litigation, is a type of lawsuit that if brought and won can make positive changes in the law for Americans. It is a way for the people to ask the court to make sure that a particular law is correct.

This commonly involves arguing that a particular law or the law as it is applied,  in the real world, is not constitutional.The United States Constitution is the supreme law of the United States. Each and every law must be valid under the constitution for the law to survive a court challenge. 

Impact Litigation is important because a lot of rights now recognized by the government came about thanks to impact litigation. Examples include the right to marry, the end to school segregation, and more. 



What are signs that a case has potential to become an impact litigation case?

Some common signs that a case that has the potential to become an impact litigation case are:

  • A person or group of persons being denied rights due to their race, age, gender, religion, disability, and/or sexual orientation.
  • The government taking an action that is harmful to a particular group.
  • A person or group of persons being negatively affected by an unclear or vague law that needs to be better written.

What organizations handle impact litigation cases?

It is not possible to list each and every organization that handles impact litigation but a few examples are:


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I think my case might qualify as impact litigation - what steps should I take?

Please click the link below to learn more about good steps to follow if you think your case qualifies as an impact litigation case.

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Working with a Lawyer

If legal aid has provided you with a lawyer to handle your case you will want to work with your lawyer to resolve your issue. You should:

  • Follow the instructions the lawyer gives you.
  • Reply promptly to any requests for information from the lawyer.
  • Tell the lawyer the complete truth. Remember, a lawyer is only able to help if they know all the facts. This is especially true for those facts that might hurt your case. 
  • Set a time each week to get a quick (5 minute) case update with the lawyer. 
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What if legal aid is not able to take my case?

If legal aid was not able to take your case, please go back to our Types of Help page to search other options you may have. Pay particular attention to the sections on limited scope representationlegal advice, and full representation from a private lawyer.  There may also be other special programs available to assist you. 

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