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Non-Parent Caregiver (Kincare) Forms

This section of the most popular forms page, contains links to various articles and forms for non-parents taking care of children. This is also known as Kincare.

Texas Kincare Primer - Read This First

What is Kincare?

Kincare is a term used when a child is cared for by a non-parent family member such as a grandparent, great-grandparent, aunt, uncle, older sibling or other blood relative. Kincare includes situations where both parents live outside the home. However, kincare may also include situations where the parents live in the same home as the child, but do not have care or control over the child.

What is covered in the Manual?

In Texas, there are an estimated 600,000 children each year who are cared for a non-parent relative for at least part of the year. This publication was written to help Kincare caregivers get the information they need to succesffuly support themselves and their families. This manual has information for both families who have been involved with CPS and those who have not. 

Is this the same as the Kinship Manual?

Please note that this manual is different from the "Kinship Manual" produced by CPS. CPS's Kinship Manual is specifically for families who have a child that CPS has found to have been abused or neglected. For the CPS specific manual click here.

Authorization Agreement for Nonparent Relative or Voluntary Caregiver - Information, Instructions, and Form

Click the link above for information, instructions, and the FORM for the Authorizaiton Agreement

What does an Authorization Agreement for Nonparent Relative or Voluntary Caregiver form do?

An Authorization Agreement for Nonparent Relative or Voluntary Caregiver (Authorization Agreement for short) authorizes the nonparent to:

  1. consent to medical treatment for the child; and
  2. get insurance for the child; and
  3. enroll the child in school or day-care; and
  4. consent to extracurricular activities; and
  5. consent to the child getting a driver’s license or state identification card; and
  6. consent to the child getting a job; and
  7. apply for public benefits on behalf of the child.
Consent to Medical Treatment by a Non-Parent - Form, Information, and Instructions

Click the link above for the form, information, and instructions.

What does Section 32.001 of the Texas Family Code allow?

Section 32.001 allows certain non-parents to consent to medical, dental, psychological, and surgical treatment of a child “when the person having the right to consent as otherwise provided by law [the natural parent] cannot be contacted and that person has not given actual notice to the contrary.”