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Protective Order Forms

There are currently two protective order kits to choose from. The forms are included in each of the toolkits in the links below. 

Protective Order Kit - Domestic Violence, threats and/or more.

Click the link above for the forms, information, and instructions.

Can I get a Protective Order for Domestic Violence, threats, and/or more?

You can get a Protective Order if:

  • Someone has hurt you, or threatened to hurt you, and
  • You are afraid that person may hurt you again, and
  • Either you, or your spouse or dating partner has a close relationship with the person who hurt you
    • A close relationship includes: marriage, close relatives, dating or living together, or having a child together.

You can also get a Protective Order if you have had a Protective Order against the other person before and the other person violated the parts of the Protective Order designed to protect you.

Sexual Assault Protective Order Kit

Click the link above for the forms, information, and instructions.

What is a protective order?

It is a court order that protects you from someone who has sexually assaulted you.

How can a protective order help me?

It can order the offender to:

  • Not threaten or harass you or your family;
  • Not contact you or go near you, your children, other family relatives, your home, where you work, or your children’s schools;
  • Not have a gun or license to carry a gun.
  • The police can arrest the offender for violating any of these orders.