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Self-Help Centers

A self-help center is a place you can go for brief, in person, legal assistance. 

In some counties, courts, law libraries, bar associations, and/or legal aid organizations provide self-help centers where you can get in-person legal help on your issues. The help provided can range from help with your paperwork, to legal advice, and more. 




 General Information about Self-Help Centers

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    What can I do to help the self-help center assist me?

    For the self-help center to best assist you, the staff there will need to fully understand what has happened in your case.

    Therefore, it is a good idea to make a written account of what you say happened. For this, write out everything that has happened in your case. This type of document is called a Fact Statement Start from the very beginning of your case, and write down what happened. Make sure to include dates and references to any evidence you might have to help prove your side of the story.

    Also, it is a good idea to write out what you would like to happen in your case. This called a Goals Statement. To write one, just write out what your ideal outcomes of the case is so that the self-help center staff can understand your goals for the case. 

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    What should I be aware of before going to a Self-Help Center?

    Different centers provide different services. 

    The services provided by a self-help center can be different from center to center. Please pay close attention to the services provided and not provided by each self-help center. 

    Also, some self-help centers require you make an appointment before getting help. Make sure to call before going to see if you need to make an appointment first. 

Self-Help Centers in Texas


Bexar County Court - Staff Attorney's Office

Serves Bexar County

 This center offers answers to procedural questions and reviews paperwork for self-represented litigants. 

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Spicewood Community Library: Lawyer in the Library Day

Serves Marble Falls, Texas

This center provides access to attorneys offering advice on a wide variety of non-criminal legal topics. 

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Harris County Courthouse: HVLP Courthouse Booth

Serves Harris County, Texas

This center can provide assistance to self-represented litigants to help them fill out forms and more. 

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Harris County Law Library

Harris County Law Library - HVLP - Self Help Center

Serves Harris County

On Wednesday and Friday each week this center can provide assistance to self-represented litigants to help them fill out forms and more.



Montgomery County Self Help Center

Serves Montgomery County

This center provides assistance by appointment only. This center can help self-represented litigants by helping them fill out forms and can also provide other free help. 

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Travis County Law Library Picture

Travis County Law Library and Self-Help Center

Serves Travis County

This center offers bi-lingual reference attorneys at the District Court's trial docket, twice daily for uncontested dockets. This center also offers a chance for you to have a meeting with an attorney to get brief help on your case. They can also provide assistance on Occupational Driver's License cases. 

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